Freitag, 26. September 2008

Last Hyderabad post

Our time in India has come to an end - we have moved to Sydney.
I will miss:
Abhideep, Apurva and Bhavna and their kids, and many other nice people we met through Google,

my German class, especially the hard core consisting of Aakanksha, Genevieve, Soumya, Yogesh, Ricky and Zareen. They were so much fun to be with, taught me a lot about Indian culture and became real friends.

Kshitij, hotel manager of the Balaji Residency, who very sweetly offered to teach me Hindi. He turned out to be a very good teacher and also taught me a lot about Indian culture. If I'd met him sooner, I'm sure I would be fluent by now!
He just told me the good news that he now has a healthy baby girl. Congratulations!

everyone at the Jayabheri apartment complex who made us feel at home and took good care of us, especially Ismail and all our drivers, Shyam, Visu and Lakshmi and their family, Ramarao and many others,

the kids at the Diya orphanage who were such a joy to be with. For more details on them please see the post "Charities" (especially if you feel like donating some money!),

all the friendly people we met on our travels who talked to us, helped us, shared their food with us and made us feel so welcome,

and all the weird things about India that make life so interesting. I'll miss some more than others, of course.

I will also miss the sight of women in beautiful saris and salwar kamiz.

Fortunately, I won't need to miss the good weather and Indian food because we should be able to get plenty of both in Sydney, too.

Goodbye, Hyderabad! Hallo, Sydney!
(Picture taken in the Blue Mountains not far from Sydney by Steph. That's Steph's hat, too.)

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