Samstag, 19. Februar 2011


Our lovely home. We live between Manly Cove (in the front of the picture, facing Sydney Harbour) and Manly Beach on the Pacific (in the back).

View of Manly Beach and neighbouring beaches from Sydney Harbour National Park.

Manly Cove

Little Penguin. There are a few penguin couples who spend their nights under the boardwalk of Manly Wharf.

A lot more numerous than the penguins: the beautiful and noisy rainbow lorikeets.

A short walk from Manly Cove along the Corso...

takes you to Manly Beach.

Beach fun with Annie and Steph

and Ruben.

Manly Beach is great for boogie boarding... (with Vincent)

...surfing... (Richard)

and celebrating Christmas (at the Manly Pub Crawl).

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Tonja, how are you? Lovely pictures :) Miss you! Update your blog more often please!! :)